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QProgressDialog not showing in the center of the screen.

  • I have a QProgressDialog which start when getting data from a webserver to insert in local sqlite database, the issue is that it shows in the top left screen, though the mainwindow is set as parent and is modal(started with exec()).

    Here is how I start it

    @QProgressDialog *dialProgres;
    dialProgres=new QProgressDialog(this);
    dialProgres->setLabelText("Se asteapta server-ul.");
    dialProgres->setRange(0,0); //to show busy until a signal is emitted which changes the range, etc@

    This is the signal->slot connection to exec() the dialog

    @connect(fir,SIGNAL(started()),dialProgres,SLOT(exec())); //QThread *fir = new QThread@

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    You should also add which Qt/OS combo you are currently using

  • Oh, I am sorry I forgot, I am using Qt 5.2.1, developing on Ubuntu 14.04, targetting Android.

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    Then it might be a bug on android, you should check the "bug report system":

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