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I compeleted a tutorial,now tell me what to do next :)

  • hi, i followed zetcode tutorial , altought it had horrible explains i learnt all :) almost its over ! maybe im gonna forgot a few names but i always can get back there easily, i got the main thing, anyway the only part i didnt learn is cubicto in patchs , i didnt get what each argument is . anyway i also made a cool shape wich i only have pic of, lost code :|

    whats next book step you recommend me, i see that qml creator has a .ui which makes making stuff 10000x times easier, i found a lot about how to use it myself :) but still, anyway , any books?

    i also followed boot text fidner and qml tutorial included in qt creator , GUI creating with qml was really easier :)

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    I always recommend thinking of some custom project and implementing it by oneself. This can really spped up learning.

  • I think you install qt 5.3 and started to work on some projects. Agree with sierdzio ..!!

  • Are you asking for ideas for stuff to do to improve your Qt skills? Try coding a web browser with QWebView, QTabWidget, etc. You can really practice coding by writing the UI in the code rather than use the form editor. Try to implement tabbed browsing, a search bar, and a simple history system. After I finished the tutorials I started working on a web browser. I have learned so much about c++, Qt, etc. just by jumping in and making lots of mistakes. The people here are super friendly and helpful :) . I found that making a web browser exposed me to an array of different Qt features: container classes, UI classes, Qt webkit, XML parsing, and JavaScript-Qt bridging, among others.

    I agree with Sierdzio; just envision something and build it! I suggest a web browser only because I know it exposes you to lots of cool stuff! Let me know if you need help!

  • I mostly ask for other books and ways to improve my skills and what to learn next ! Because I'm sure many of stuff wasn't included in that tutorial + I didn't use the Qt'S .ui file and make apps with it

    I also was thinking of learning 3d stuff opengl ect,

    Also thought of a completely custom ui, I should do that using custom widget and painters right ? For custom shape and mouse over effects etc !!!

    Only tutorial I followed was zetcode

    So I think if , let's said at some point I wondered how to show a video somewhere I would just Google it and learn it there ! :)

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