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[Qt Ambassador] QxOrm 1.2.8 and QxEntityEditor 1.1.5 released, working on QML with C++ entities has never been so easy !

  • Hello,

    QxOrm 1.2.8 and QxEntityEditor 1.1.5 just released, here are the changes log :

    Changes in version QxOrm 1.2.8:

    Changes in version QxEntityEditor 1.1.5:

    • New C++ model/view export plugin to manage complex data structure to work with relationships in QML views and Qt model/view architecture (using QxModelView module of QxOrm library) ;
    • Now, with this new export plugin, working on QML with C++ entities has never been so easy !
    • New function, menu "Tools >> Plugins scripts", to define your own custom scripts before/after a plugin execution ;
    • New command line parameter --log_sql to trace all SQL queries executed by QxEntityEditor : a QxEntityEditor project file (*.qxee) is just a SQLite database, so it's easy to write your own script to customize some default behaviour ;
    • New option in the C++ export plugin to generate or not the custom directory with all custom files for each entity ;
    • Scrollbar available in the entities viewer.

    You can download last versions of QxOrm and QxEntityEditor on QxOrm website : "http://www.qxorm.com/":http://www.qxorm.com/

    Here is a video presentation of QxEntityEditor application :

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