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Header files missing after local build of Qt 5.3

  • Hi,

    I trying to build Qt 5.3 locally from the open source distribution to mesh correctly with our(externally developed) testing tools, but there are header and lib files missing from the expected directories after the build completes which are needed by our testing app's build(We're essentially rebuilding the vendor's app to work with Qt 5.3).

    The files are coming from QtDeclarative, namely qquickitem.h and qdeclarativeitem.h. They are part of the source distribution, but after the build completes, they aren't copied into the appropriate folder in the qtbase build folder. I do know that in previous versions, there was a -no-declarative build option, but it isn't in 5.3. Is there an equivalent?

    Are there any other build options I need to set to get the headers copied and the libs built(or possibly ignored)? I don't think they're actually needed by our testing software.

    The build config command I'm using is as follows:

    configure -platform win32-msvc2010 -mp -nomake tests -nomake examples -opensource -opengl desktop -openssl -debug-and-release -confirm-license <licensing folder> -prefix <qtbase directory> -incredibuild-xge -I <Open SSL lib directory> -L <Open SSL lib directory> -icu -I <unicode include directory> -L <unicode lib directory>


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    Hi and welcome to the Qt Dev Net!

    -prefix <qtbase directory>
    [/quote]I'm note sure what happens if you set the prefix to the qtbase folder.

    The prefix option is supposed to take an external folder where you want to install Qt. The qtbase folder is meant to be a temporary place where the binaries are built. At the end of the build process, files are copied from the qtbase directory into your prefix directory.

    Try setting your prefix somewhere else, and remember to call make install after make. (You will need to fully clean your source tree and qtbase folder, then re-configure and re-build)

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