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Write fails with QSerialPort

  • Hi,
    ububtu 12.04
    Qt 5.1.1
    I am trying to write a character to the serial port with QSerialPort, but I get no response from the device.
    @qDebug() << "nr of btes written:" << serialBaro.write("a");
    if (! serialBaro.isWritable() )
    {qDebug() << "baro not writeble!!";}//is OK
    if(! serialBaro.waitForReadyRead(100))//NOT OK, should get response as with boost
    While using boost::asio (older version) writing goes OK, so the device is working correctly:
    @ baro.writeString(string("a"));

  • Just found out. QtSerialPort does also work on the (boost version) notebook.
    The only difference between current laptop and the notebook is ubuntu version: resp 12.04 and 11.10.

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