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Qt creator debug mode has disappeared

  • I was working with Qt both in debug mode and release mode before I update my packages by update manager in Ubuntu 12.04. After Updating I couldn't debug my code. By looking at Project Mode in Qt, all I see is Release Mode:

    One is "Qt 4.8.1 (System) Release" ,

    and the other one is "Qt 4.8.1 in PATH (System) Release"

    I put the screen shot of my program in "here ": What should I do ? Why debug mode has disappeared ? Does updating the packages caused this issue ? I'm sure that I didn't change any Qt settings in the last week.

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  • Hi,
    Usually when you update your Qt version (and your Qt creator) it will pup up a 'configure your project' window. There you need to also set the debug package. Otherwise go to your kits and check if the latest Qt has been installed. Then check your project tab (the fifth from the top on the left) and setup the debug for your project by adding the kit to your project.
    Hope this helps, and may i suggest to replace this post to the tools forum?

  • Okay thanks but how can I add the debug kit in qt creator ? these is no any kit tab in my qt creator I went to Tools > Options > Build & Run but there no any kit tab !!!

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What version of Qt Creator are you using and what version of Qt are you trying to use ?

  • Qt 4.8.1 and Qt Creator 2.4.1

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