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Add Item to FileDialog?

  • Hi!

    In the application I am developing I would like to have a FileDialog which has an ExlusiveGroup with Radiobuttons on the right side to specify some import options. I tried to access and modify the source code of DefaultFileDialog.qml but I have troubles compiling the project, mainly because AbstractFileDialog is not known. I have tried copying files from "/opt/Qt/5.3/Src/qtquickcontrols/src/dialogs" to my project sources, I have tried to register AbstractFileDialog with "qmlRegisterType" and I have tried to import the whole "dialogs" folder, but it seems that I am not able to get this working. I would really appreciate a hint what I can do to realize this.

    Thank you.

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    AFAIK it's cumbersome to customize the existing FileDialog and also you need to check about the modification of existing source code in terms of licensing issues. To get a real concrete response you can ask the Qt developers themselves on mailing list or IRC.
    Apart from that, to create a simple customized FileDialog it would be better to create your own FileDialog based on QAbstractListModel if you are familiar with C++ part.

  • Ok, I will figure something out. Thank you.

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