QtCreator context help not working after installing qch file

  • Hi, I tried to install CMake qch documentation into qtcreator, but context help shows that documentation is not available when pressing F1 with cursor over some cmake command (e.g. add_executable)

    The source QHP file is: http://pastebin.com/zadwaid6
    The resulting QCH file is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4rdpC8E91WcaW9yRXdUaS1MUVU/edit?usp=sharing

  • There was a similar problem with the cppreference QCH files. The generated index was broken. And the workaround is still to use an older version of cppreference. So the problem was not in Qt Creator.

    Could you give me a pointer, how you created the QHP file and the QCH file. Which tools did you use? Which commands? Etc.

    Since we are using CMAKE extensively in our project similar headaches here.

  • Qt Creator F1 context help for CMake doesn't work if you use Qt Creator 3.1.2 or below as the patch for it wasn't pushed in time for its release. As of this writing, Qt Creator 3.2 RC1 has been released which does contain this change, so you can use that instead.

    Recently, there was a blog post over at KDAB on the subject and it has a link to a generated qch file for CMake 3.0.0. The post can be found "here":http://www.kdab.com/context-sensitive-cmake-documentation-qtcreator/.

    As for cppreference docs, they have released a new version of their docs which now works (more or less) with Qt Creator's context help. If you need to generate it yourself for whatever reason, there's a link to the utility scripts you need at the bottom of the download page.

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