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New to Qt, not sure what approach to take for installation?

  • Hello everyone, i search for an introduction thread around here to post my first post however, i couldn't find one! Anyways, so i'm 100% new to Qt, i've been working on both Learning and mastering C++ effectively and SFML Framework for 2D games. Now i was looking into maybe learning Desktop application development or other than that understanding Qt, since all i've hear of Qt is how amazing it is, plus looking at this site i can tell its incredibly amazing. Anyways, i use xCode 5 within my Mac OS X laptop, i would prefer to keep using Xcode no Qt IDE for personal reasons. How do i go about using Qt with Xcode?

    Also thanks for having and if i happen to post a ridiculous post, sorry i still cant find my way around here ! Thanks

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You can use Xcode, no problem with that. Have a look at the "Qt for Mac OS X" chapter of the documentation. You'll find there the information you need.

    Happy coding !

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