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Help with first app with QML

  • This is my first post, so hello everybody! :D
    I've a problem with my first app's developing.

    I know Qt for 1 year and i would to know better QML language with C++ integration, because i think it's a good revolutionary language for apps writing.
    But the begin it wasn't simple as i expected:

    I don't undestand very well how to connect a C++ plugin with my QML app when i have 2 projects connected by a subdir template (first is a QtQuick application, second is a QML Extension Plugin)

    I don't understand how to static linking (i've bought Commercial License) all to deploy to iOS and Android.

    Any help is really appreciated. Thanks.

  • For the first problem i found a little solution, but i don't think is the best:

    I created a QtQuick Project

    Added a directory called "pages" and a directory called "plugins"

    My first qml file "main.qml" (for example) is stirred with c++ classes in the project directory

    This is the entry qml file that imports others qml files (pages/*.qml)

    The folder plugins contains c++ extension for QML

    It's a bad solution? Thanks for help... :)

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