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Where can I found QT 5.3.0 command prompt

  • Hi,

    For studying the Qt book "C++-gui-programming-with-qt-4-2ndedition" I need command prompt. I've installed Qt 5.3.0 but don't know where is command prompt.
    Is there anyone to help me?

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    Which OS are you on?
    On Windows just go to start -> run and type "cmd". To setup paths for Qt environment cd to the Qt installation directory and run bin\qtenv2.bat.

    But usually you don't have to fiddle with command prompt. The IDE (eg. QtCreator) will set these up when you use it.

  • Excuse me, what do you mean by, "But usually you don’t have to fiddle with command prompt. The IDE (eg. QtCreator) will set these up when you use it."?

    You mean that I can skip over any line of that book if it's speaking about command prompt related statements!?

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    I haven't read the book but I'm afraid it might be quite outdated (I believe it was written in Qt 4.3 days, so about 7 years ago?).

    Anyway, what I meant is that you usually don't write or compile your programs from a command line. You usually use some IDE for that. A year after the book was published Qt project created its own IDE called Qt Creator and there's been 3 major releases since (and many more minor ones).

    Don't get me wrong. It's good to know how things work on the lower level but if you're just starting with Qt I wouldn't start with command line. It's like learning what Windows is by writing drivers ;)

    I mean go ahead if you want to. It's like I said - run cmd and set Qt paths either manually or via the script I referred to. Just keep in mind that while basics like moc and uic will be the same, some things are quite different between Qt5.3 and what the book describes, so not everything will work.

  • You are right but what can I do? That book although is very popular but also is outdated. I don't know any other book so I haven't any other choice apparently:(
    And also apparently there isn't a way to learn Qt 5.3.0 from beginning to end on this website.

    If you suggest me a good up-to-date reference about Qt 5.3.0 what it would be please?

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    I never was a very big fan of learning programming from books. They're just too analog for me :P

    Qt has a very large base of examples and tutorials that come with your installation already. You can start them directly from Qt Creator or read through this "online version":

    Qt is huge. And I mean it. Don't approach it like you can read through a book and know it all. I've been programming with Qt daily for over 6 years and I know maybe 60% of the libraries. Concentrate on a specific topic.

    Read through some basics like what is QtQuick and what are widgets, signals and slots, property system and event loop. Then I would suggest to just start writing an app. Make up a simple app like tetris or a notepad and try to implement it with the help of examples and docs. There's one for almost every aspect of Qt. You can see how to construct a main() function. How to construct and handle windows etc. Learning by doing is the fastest way in my opinion. In case you're stuck you can always ask specific questions on this forum.

  • Learning Qt from a website seems to be much difficult. For example I started these links:
    First: _
    Then wen to:
    And after those I went here:

    But I stopped at the ends of the last one. It just wants us to repeat what it does and doesn't offer complete explanation what those things are and etc. And isn't concentrated at all like a book.
    I became disappointed.
    Anyway, I again returned to that thought that learning from a book is better, but unfortunately there isn't an updated book for 5.3.0.:(

    Thank you very much for your guidance.

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