Source code contains odd syntax: % CRLF %

  • Hi, I am building Enginio source code myself.
    However when the compiler does not recognize odd syntax: % CRLF %. Many implementation use this odd syntax that causes compile error:
    @ const QString request = QLatin1String("GET ") % url.path(QUrl::FullyEncoded) % QChar::fromLatin1('?')
    % url.query(QUrl::FullyEncoded) % QLatin1String(" HTTP/1.1") % CRLF %

                             QLatin1String("Host: ") % % QChar::fromLatin1(':')
                                % QString::number(url.port(8080)) % CRLF %
                             QLatin1String("Upgrade: websocket") % CRLF %
                             QLatin1String("Connection: upgrade") % CRLF %
                             QLatin1String("Sec-WebSocket-Key: ") % QString::fromUtf8(secWebSocketKeyBase64) % CRLF %
                             QLatin1String("Sec-WebSocket-Version: 13") % CRLF % CRLF;


    How to get these code pass compilation?

  • Search and replace? CRLF is a linefeed and happens sometimes between Unix / Windows conversion. You can try to read all files using notepad++ which mostly reads the files correct and then save these files again and perhaps it will be in the right format.

    Hope this helps.. it's a wild guess :-)

  • Thank you, By now, I've replaced '%' with '+' which I thought would be connecting strings.

  • What is exact error message?

    In this piece you are building a HTTP request, where each field must be separated by pair CR LF.
    So CRLF here is a constant defined somewhere else and looks something like
    const QLatin1String CRLF("\r\n");

    String concatenation with % is possible if you use "QStringBuilder":

  • You probably broke QStringBuilder compilation somehow. "%" syntax is optional and you can safely replace it by "+", in this case maybe with a small performance penalty.

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