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[SOLVED] QCombobox size should fit in the largest string

  • Hi,

    I have a QCombobox which contains strings of different length. And I want the length of the combobox should be resized with the largest string. I do it like this:

    @Action_combo_box::Action_combo_box(QStringList char_list, const Scene *scene, QWidget *parent)
    : QComboBox(parent)
    , m_scene(scene)
    qDebug()<<"Original width"<<width();

    void Action_combo_box::set_width(const QStringList &char_list){
    //find the lengthiest string
    QString longest;
    for (int i = 0; i < char_list.length(); i++) {
    QString str = char_list.value(i);
    if (str.length() > longest.length())
    longest = str;

    QFontMetrics font_metrics(fontMetrics());
    int width = font_metrics.width(longest);
    qDebug()<<"Longest str width"<<width;


    The above code does not work and my largest string is always clipped.

    My output is:
    Original width 100
    Longest str width 49

    which looks strange to me.
    Any help??

  • Did you had a look at:


  • Yes I did. That did not help.

    I solved the problem with


  • can you mark this as [SOLVED] in the first post title that anyone will know that it has been fixed.

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