Load OTHER_FILES with Qt-Creator 3.1.1

  • Hello,

    I'm using Qt Creator 3.1.1 with Qt Version 4.8 and 5.3.
    I want to load OTHER_FILES dynamically to see it under the source files folder
    in the Qt Creator .

    It works fine if in the app.pro is
    @OTHER_FILES += *.ini *ui@

    To have a maintainable include of other files and change only on one part I want
    to use a pri-file.

    But if I write in the lib.pri:
    @OTHERFILESAPP = *.ini *.ui

    and in my pro-File:

    it doesn't work. I see the other files under a lib.pri folder and not under the
    source files.

    Is it possible to change it?

    Kind regards

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