Downloading linked files on windows 8

  • Hi
    I have made a application in C++ using QT 5.2 that populates a small db in enginio then
    reads back the objects. These have a image file as a property.

    Under windows 7 the app works fine, I get the back the objects and download the image file with no problem
    testing the software under windows 8 the imagesa are not downloaded and displayed, so i think its a problem with ssl layer but not sure where to look at or how to solve this issue.

    any help appreciated


  • I have added a bit of code to check what happens
    and I get a error 6 ( SslHandshakeFailedError )

    I have installed OpenSSL 64 bit version on the Window 8 OS so i really don't know why it does not work


  • Update your Qt. The problem was fixed in Qt5.3. It was a mixture of openssl bug/misuse and massive certificate changes after heartbleed bug.

    As a workaround you can remove all expired / revoked certificates from your system that points to amazon and enignio

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