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OpenMP and processEvents()

  • Hello,
    I'm facing a problem when trying to refresh GUI during a big computation.
    I have something like this
    int main()
    #pragma omp parallel for
    for( int i=0; i<stop; i++ )

    void heavyStuff(int i)
    for( int j=0; j<maxJ;j++ )
    // lengthy computation

         // would like to processEvents here, but we are in a thread!


  • Sorry but I haven't understand your problem ?? what problem r u facing ??

  • Thanks for looking at my problem.
    Is that ok to call qApp->processEvents(); from any thread?

  • [quote]void QCoreApplication::processEvents()

    Processes all pending events for the calling thread according to the specified flags until there are no more events to process.[/quote]

    So, yes. It should be "okay". But it only processes the pending events for the calling thread. You probably want to call this from the "main" thread - at least if your goal is to keep the UI "responsive" during a lengthy operation.

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