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How to tab DockWidgets in Qt Designer

  • Hi Everyone!

    First of all I would like to say that I love Qt so far, thank you guys for creating this. So now to my problem...

    I am having a bit of a problem with the Qt Designer to get the DockWidgets to be tabbed by default. Is it possible to create this directly in the Qt Designer, via editing the .ui file directly or is it only possible to make this trough coding it?

    Here are some images to describe it further:
    This is how I would like for it to behave as default when previewing the file:
    ! it should preview as default)!

    Here is what it looks like now in the editor:
    ! it looks in the Qt Designer)!

    And how that one looks like in preview at the moment:
    ! the preview looks like)!


  • Hi!

    As far as i know you can't nest or put QDockWidget into another. They directly append to the main window.

    Shall the tabs be dockable, too?

    If not, just add a tab widget (tabPosition:South) to your QDockWidget and add pages to it, connect to "currentChanged()" in tab-widget and set the caption of your QDockWidget to the caption on the active page of your tab-widget.




    Does it fit your needs?

    Sorry for my bad english and mistakes. I just got into Qt, started learning.

    Edit 2:
    Sorry. It is possible to tab QDockWidgets…

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  • [quote author="jensen82" date="1299858676"]Sorry. It is possible to tab QDockWidgets...[/quote]
    Thank you for your reply. Did you find a solution? I know that it was just a row of code to make it possible in the coding but as for me as a designer it would be the best for me if I could do as much as possible in just the design part.

  • I never found a way to do that, sorry. I think you'll have to resort to that line of code.

  • This is definitely a feature that is missing in Qt Designer, I think a lot of people would appreciate this functionality being added as this makes it near impossible, or at the very least incredibly impractical, using Qt Designer to design applications that have tabbed QDockWidgets.

    In my case, using 4+ tabbed QDockWidgets means I have to navigate about 3-4x the Screen Space that is available on my monitor for an application that, while running, fits into it just fine.

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