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QNetworkAccessManager cause pure virtual method called within QThread

  • Hi, i'm using QNetworkAccessManager within a QThread to download a file but i randomly got a crash. The message is pure virtual method called over the QNetworkAccessManager::get function.
    I know that QNetworkAccessManager is asynchrounous and it should be keept, in the main thread, but the global task i'm doing should be within a thread, and i need to download a file from this thread.

    I found someone having the same problem here: but no solution is provided.

    The following program is reproducing the problem, which happen mainly on Windows 8 and Windows 7. I can't reproduce it over linux and with gdb also. But the stackoverflow's post seems to be able.

    @void WorkerThread::run()
    int iCount = 0;
    while (!m_bStopped) {
    QElapsedTimer timer;

    QDateTime dtNow = QDateTime::currentDateTime();
    qDebug("[Downloading] %s %s", qPrintable(dtNow.toString()), qPrintable(m_szUrl));

    QUrl url = QUrl(m_szUrl);

    QEventLoop loop;
    QByteArray data;

    QNetworkAccessManager* pManager = new QNetworkAccessManager();
    QNetworkRequest request(url);
    request.setRawHeader("User-Agent", "TestProgram");
    QNetworkReply *reply = pManager->get(request); // Here the crash
    connect(reply, SIGNAL(finished()), &loop, SLOT(quit()));


    if (reply->error() != QNetworkReply::NoError) {
    qDebug("[HTTP] Error %d", reply->error());
    if (reply->isRunning())
    int httpCode = reply->attribute(QNetworkRequest::HttpStatusCodeAttribute).toInt();
    if (httpCode != 200){
    qDebug("[HTTP] Http Error %d", httpCode);
    data = reply->readAll();

    delete reply;
    reply = NULL;

    delete pManager;
    pManager = NULL;

    // Avoid memory leak. Deleting the QNetworkAccessManager will finish qt's internal httpThread.
    // This will process the httpThread finished signal, that send deferred delete event on it.
    // So the internal http thread will be deleted when this thread finish.

    qint64 elapsed = timer.elapsed();
    qDebug("[Downloading] Time %ld ms, %ld bytes", (long int)elapsed, (long int)data.size());


    Note: i create each time a new QNetworkAccessManager to reproduce the same conditions.

    I spend many days to try to understand the problem but i don't succeed. I'll hope to find someone with an idea. Thank you very much for you help.

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