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QWebView : Flash / Youtube videos not working

  • Hi everybody,

    I am currently working on a multitouch software, in which we used Qt Webkit to display web views ; we use mainly QML associated with CPP backend, but we had some issues with Quick 2.0 WebView.. (Essentially applying a rotation on it leads to clipping and position problems). So we had to use the CPP QWebView, which we paint in a QQuickPaintedItem.

    Everything works quite great, but we can't figure out how to display videos (for example Youtube video) ; basically we have no debug or error message, but the video stays black without the controls appearing and no sound. Sometimes it just crashes.

    I tryed creating a new project from scratch and just put a webview, same issue. Maybe is it an architecture problem ?
    We work with Debian Jessie, and I think the flash plugins that are used by Qt are the Mozilla alternatives.

    Any idea ?


  • Hi, I don't know if its the same issue I had before or not, but have you tried using this line below in your QwebView ?

    QWebSettings::globalSettings()->setAttribute(QWebSettings::PluginsEnabled, true);

  • Yep I already did it ;)

  • @jdutheil Hello, I'm currently working on a similar project and couldn't really find much info. I was wondering if you got any progress on flash/youtube working on Qt. This is the only thing I found so far: https://wiki.qt.io/Embed_YouTube_Video_in_QWebView

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