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Transulcent widget ignore click

  • Hi, using QT 4.8 I have 2 windows (2 different QT applications). They are overlapped and the application on top is a QWidget with the attribute @Qt::WA_TranslucentBackground @
    I want to make the background of this widget (NOT the children like QPushButtons) transparent to click because I need to interact with the other window which is behind this.

    Any suggestion?

    Thanks guys ;)

  • set widget background color using rgba code (255,255,255,0);
    where a should be 0 if u want that there should be clicked behind the widget.

    otherwise a put 1 to 10 any value.
    a represents here opacity

  • I solved the problem splitting my main widget in several widgets.. in this way I don't need the widget to be transparent in the middle.
    Anyway if I try the following in the widget's constructor:


    I only obtain a full black widget and not a transparent widget

  • I think following properties should be set for making a widget transparent:

    setWindowFlags (Qt::FramelessWindowHint);
    this->setAttribute(Qt::WA_TranslucentBackground, true);

    and one more thing:

    • It works on windows platform. I m not sure about other platform that it will work or not.

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