EnginioReply value out of QObject scope is null

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to use Qt Cloud Services.. but with query I have one simple problem...
    When I'm trying to get reply data out of scope they're reseting to zero...

    @QJsonObject query;
    query["objectType"] = QString::fromUtf8("objects.chat");

    EnginioReply* reply = client->query(query);
    int serverMessIndex = 0;
    QObject::connect(reply, &EnginioReply::finished, [&](EnginioReply* reply)
            serverMessIndex = reply->data().count();
       qDebug() << serverMessIndex; // print ex. 2
    qDebug() << serverMessIndex; // print 0@

  • On line 16 the (asynchronous) reply hasn't arrived yet.
    So it's not resetted, it's just set to 0 at line 6.

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