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Install headers only .pro file

  • Dear members,
    I am trying to create a .pro file which should only install some header files in a specified directory without compiling or linking anything.
    Is there a simple way to do that ? Which kind of qmake template should I use ?
    Thanks in advance

  • If u r using qt creator then u can simply right click on the project-> select the Add Existing File and then select any file . It will include in the project.

  • Hi,
    The problem is that i want simply to install some template headers in a specific location. I tried to create a kind of dummy static library. However, in MacOSX at least, the system refuses to create a empty static library.
    I could in principle install the headers from the higher level .pro file but i would prefer to have a self-contained solution.

  • Here's how you can use qmake (in a .pro file) to copy files to the destination directory:


    You can also choose an arbitrary directory, by taking "this answer": and changing DDIR to whatever directory you want.

    It'll look like this:
    @# Copies the given files to an arbitrary directory
    defineTest(copyToDir) {
    files = $$1

    for(FILE, files) {
        DDIR = C:\test
        # Replace slashes in paths with backslashes for Windows
        win32:FILE ~= s,/,\\,g
        win32:DDIR ~= s,/,\\,g
        QMAKE_POST_LINK += $$QMAKE_COPY $$quote($$FILE) $$quote($$DDIR) $$escape_expand(\\n\\t)



    Also, note that the copy will only happen after the link step runs, which means the copy won't happen if you try to build and no link needs to be performed.

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