Build and Run two Qt project from a single . pro file

  • Hi,
    I have developed two separate applications a client and a server, which are build separately as they were separate projects, Now i want to build and run them together, so i created a folder and copied the two projects in the folder and created a .pro file which contains the following lines

    TEMPLATE = subdirs

    SUBDIRS += server client

    CONFIG += ordered

    when i build and run, two projects are build successfully, but only one project is run,
    I want both application to run together.

    Please suggest a solution.

    Georgy Daniel

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    What about adding this in

  • It is not working as expected, this will invoke the application mentioned in the 'QMAKE_POST_LINK' only for a clean build and run, and the second application is run only when the first app is closed manually.

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    Then I think you need a separate script for that, or start the applications manually.

  • Thanks, but I saw a project (pretty huge project) which does invoke two applications,
    and in the application output log window of QT creator, it seems like only one application is invoked, I thought the first application is invoking the other, but i could not find any reference to second app in the first app.

    any ways thanks for you help.

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