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Best way to use various MouseArea for mobile application

  • Hi guys... I'm making a mobile application and I have some question for you...

    My application has 3 screen... to navigate trough there, I drag to left or right the screen. To make that, I'm using the a mouse in the entire screen.

    the problem which I have is that when I use this way, the main mouse area don't let me interact with the objects of my application because is over all of them, but I can't put it as invisible because I lost the drag navigation between the application screen...

    the why which I know to do that is calculating the area where I'm clicking over the main mouse area and send to the other mouses area the coordinates to check if the is valid and make some actions, but if my program change, I have to update this code again...

    so, how is the best way to do that ?? can I have my main mouse area to capture the drag event to navigate trough the screens and at the same time interact with the components behind ??

    best regards


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