How to get the actual main window / application icon(s) regadless of how they have been set?

  • I'm testing on Windows, but I'm making a cross-platform app for Win / Linux / Mac.

    I need QApplication::windowIcon() to work. The problem is it works if I called "setWindowIcon" previously, but not if I've set an icon from a resource file. Is there any other, versatile way to get the icon? If not, how can I get the right icon from resource file, assuming I don't want to hardcode its resource name? I. e., how to determine and retrieve it at runtime dynamically so that the code remains working when icon resource name changes?

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    Use an alias for the resource so even if you change the file name as long as keep the same alias you're good.

  • But what if I've set the icon by specifying .rc file on Windows or .icns on Mac, without even having a .qrc file? How to retrieve that icon at runtime, with all its sizes?

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    If you want absolutely the same file then just embed it in the resource file

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