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Samsung Galaxy TAB3 emulation

  • Is anybody able to run a Android Virtual Device emulating a Samsung Galaxy TAB3
    on a 32 bit Linux ?

    Android 4.4.2 SDK (intel Atom x86)
    Qt 5.3, Qt Creator 3.1.1
    OpenSuse 13.1 32bit

    I run into OpenGL ES errors (?) and do not know how to solve
    and do not know its possible to solve yet at all.

    The apps built and deploy as expected but crashes
    on run in emulator. On real Tablet same app runs OK.
    error output:
    org.qtproject.example.HelloAndroid_q005-1/ 0xb2fd7168, skipping init
    D/ ( 2140): HostConnection::get() New Host Connection established 0xb94d2070, tid 2155
    D/ ( 2140): HostConnection::get() New Host Connection established 0xb94d4800, tid 2140
    D/dalvikvm( 2140): GC_CONCURRENT freed 454K, 16% free 2805K/3316K, paused 0ms+1ms, total 50ms

    W/EGL_emulation( 2140): eglSurfaceAttrib not implemented

    D/OpenGLRenderer( 2140): Enabling debug mode 0
    F/libc ( 2140): Fatal signal 8 (SIGFPE) at 0xb778bac8 (code=1), thread 2155 (lloAndroid_q005)

    "org.qtproject.example.HelloAndroid_q005" died.@

    Any ideas highly welcome, thx.

  • Isn't the galaxy tab 3 an ARM device? I have one and I am confused at using Atom.

  • Hi, i checked again:

    Hardware info on the Tab shows same as Wikipedia do:


    CPU 1.6 GHz dual-core
    Intel Atom Z2560 SoC processor

  • The 10.1, ok. Mine is the 7" one and that is ARM.

  • Good for you,
    seems to be much easier to emulate ARM

  • Actually I have never been able to emulate my tablet on Windows or Linux. I was able to connect to device directly on Linux and not Windows.

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