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Qt for Symbian: which SDK? Can I *not* use a certificate?

  • Hello, Symbian World!

    I'd like to develop for the (yeah, I know, defunct) Symbian platform, or more precisely, for the Nokia N8 and Nokia PureView 808 phones.

    Can I develop for Symbian using Qt 5.3.0, or should I use an older version?

    I had installed on my computer Qt SDK 1.2. While I can build and run some of the examples on the emulator, there are errors when building for Symbian:

    C:\QtSDK\Symbian\SDKs\Symbian3Qt474\bin\createpackage.bat -g keepintouch_template.pkg DEBUG-armv5
    Auto-patching self-signed package.

    Patching package file and relevant binaries...

    Patching: Executable with capabilities incompatible with self-signing detected: "keepintouch_patched_caps.exe". (Incompatible capabilities: "ReadDeviceData", "WriteDeviceData".) Reducing capabilities is only supported for libraries.

    Patching: Unable to patch the package for self-singing.
    Use a proper developer certificate for signing this package.

    AFAIK, "the Symbian Signed program closed on January 1st, 2014": . Does anyone knows a way around the certificate requirement for the capabilities that need it?

    Thanks! :)

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