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Qwt for Qt: How to connect to signal with new signal/slot flavour?

  • I want to to connect to legend-label SIGNAL checked. With Qts old Signal/Slot-Syntax all is perfect, but i want to use the new connection to enable compile-time check? Any idea on how to connect it via new Signal/Slot-Syntax?

    This is my code:

    connect( m_plotLegend, SIGNAL( checked( const QVariant &, bool, int ) ), SLOT(legendChecked( const QVariant &, bool ) ) );
    //connect(m_plotLegend, &QwtLegend::checked, this, &MeasurePlot::legendChecked);--

    With old syntax all is fine, with the new syntax the slot is never reached. Any ideas? Thank you very much!

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