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Qt5Widget.dll not here!

  • I have downloaded Qt5.3 several times over the last few days trying to work out some issues. I have also tried writing a very simple, bare-bones app named, "HelloQt" (got it from a Blog on However, every time I run the .exe file, I get error that says Qt5Widget.dll is missing from the computer. I did a search and sure as heck, it isn't here. How do I get it? I can't seem to find it on this site as a stand alone and I tired of the half hour wait for the entire program to re-download.

  • You need to copy the dlls to the TargetDir, along with platform folder. Also if you want to deploy to another computer you need a copy of the VS runtime.

    On my computer they are in C:\Qt\5.2.1\msvc2012_64\bin.

  • The Qt5Widget.dll is not on my computer. It never downloaded.

    I'm just trying to figure out where to get it, and where to put it once I do!

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