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[SOLVED] Why is Qt 5.3.0 for MSVC 2013 shipped with the MSVC 2010 redist?

  • I recently installed Qt 5.3.0 for MSVC 2013 with ANGLE. The MSVC redist shipped with it, however, is the 2010sp1 redist, not the 2013 redist. Why is this? Also, when deploying my application compiled against this version of Qt, should I include both the 2013 and 2010sp1 MSVC redists? Thanks in advance.

    NOTE: I asked this question several days ago on but never received a response. Hopefully someone here knows the answer.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Just an educated guess but it's probably for Qt Creator which IIRC is built using VS2010. You can verify this in the About Qt Creator dialog.

  • Hi, that MSVC redist for 2010sp1 is present on all Windows-flavored Qt compilers: 32/64-bit, VisualStudio/MinGW.
    So I'm guessing it's for Qt's internal consumption, because Qt Creator (and the other tools in that ...\bin\directory) is built with 32-bit MSVC2010.

    Which means you don't need to deploy it, unless you distributing Qt Creator :-)

  • Thank you both for the clear answer. I hadn't considered that Qt Creator might be compiled with a different MSVC version than Qt itself. I'm relieved not to have to include two different redists in my deployment.

    I've marked this thread as solved.

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