Does Qt WRT cache widgets? Shows old version after updating widget

  • I installed W3C widget on my N900 and then started it without problems. I made a few changes and increased the version number. Then I uploaded the new version on the device and updated the widget with the Widget Installer but the changes weren't shown in the widget after starting it. I had to remove the widget and reinstall it to have my changes shown.

    Does Qt Web Runtime somehow cache the widget content? Or maybe the Widget Installer doesn't correctly update widgets?

  • There ain't any additional caches. Did you close running instance of updated widget? Was this one running on home screen? Home screen widgets needs to be removed from home screen and added back to get updated content visible. This is some room to improve.

    For Web Apps launched from application grip, closing and restating is enough. In any case, uninstalling + reinstallation shouldn't be needed.

    You may want to try JavaScript [removed].reload() for reload content from web app itself. This requires that content source defined in config.xml ain't changed.

  • Yes, I had closed running instance of app. This was application launched from application grid, not home screen widget.

  • I have the same problem.Its possible to do update of my wgt file automaticly and if how to do this ???Please i need help.

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