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Building a web context sidebar

  • Hello,

    I have decided to try and make a 'web context sidebar'. What is this you wonder? Basically instead of right clicking a web element to see the context menu, you drag it and a bar appears on the side of my application with all different options.
    For example: you drag an image. As soon as you started dragging a sidebar appeared on the side of the browser with various options (Save to downloads, share to FB, etc.). You drop the image on the action you want. No more dumb context menus!
    Of course actually creating this will be quite hard.

    I have identified the steps involved:

    1. web element clicked, the browser determines what kind of element it is.
    2. web element starts drag.
    3. browser opens the sidebar with options.
    4. element dropped on action.
    5. action executed.
    6. sidebar disappears.

    Any ideas on how I could do these steps. I don't know much about drag and drop or how the browser could determine the type of web element. I am all ears!


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