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[SOLVED] How to access pixel values in 16bit Grayscale TIF?

  • I have a 16bit grayscale TIF file which I load from disc into a QImage.

    Ultimately for display I will use QPixmap which is going to resample it to 8 bits, but first I want to calculate a histogram (and possibly adjust) before the 8bit downsample for display.

    This seems like it should be a simple question, but how do I access the 16bit grayscale pixel values (ie. the value between 0 and 65,536)? I know I can access myImg.pixel(x,y) for any coordinate, but that only returns a QRgb.

    Or am I misunderstanding QRgb?


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    AFAIK, QImage doesn't support 16bit images yet (might be in the future, if someone implements it)

    What you can do however is use a library like OpenCV for this kind of mathematics.

    Hope it helps

  • ahh ok so the 8bit downsampling is happening the instant I load the QImage from disc? I'll try OpenCV, thanks

  • Yes, OpenCV worked much better. thanks!

  • I need to load and process 16bt tiff image with full scale using QImage. From what I read there are no any activities on that front.

    If this is going to happen in the distant future I probably would need to get OpenCV and using it instead Qt

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    For 16bit tiff images processing you should rather use OpenCV

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