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QObject derivated Class copyable

  • Hello,
    I found a good piece of software:
    It has a datamodel class winedata which inherits from qobject and uses the property functionality for interact with qml.
    Now the curiosity i dont understand:
    Line 65 in controller.cpp he instaniate the template database as type of WineData
    But WineData inherits from QObject and the copy and assignment is private
    why does e.g. the function fillUpType and retrieveTypes function?

    I didn't get it to work.
    Here is also mentioned to use QObject subclasses in lists only with pointers.

    Code copied from database.cpp line 232
    template <class Type>
    Type Database<Type>::fillUpType(const QSqlRecord &record) const
    Type item;

    QStringList list;
    Utils::extractObjectProperties(item.metaObject(), &list, false, DB_PREFIX);
    foreach (const QString &property, list) {
    item.setProperty(qPrintable(property), record.value(QString(property).remove(DB_PREFIX)));

    return item;

    template <class Type>
    QList<Type> Database<Type>::retrieveTypes(Filter arg) const
    QList<Type> wineList;

    if (!m_wineModel) {
    qCritical() << "Unable to insert a wine";
    goto exit;

    if (arg == OrderByAgeDesc) {
    m_wineModel->setSort(4, Qt::DescendingOrder);

    for (int i = 0; i < m_wineModel->rowCount(); ++i) {
    const QSqlRecord record = m_wineModel->record(i);
    wineList << fillUpType(record);

    return wineList;


  • I got it, its possible because he defines a new assignment and copy operator/constructor himself for the QObject derivated class.

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    However it's still wrong. He should rather have a clone function that creates a new object and then set all parameters on it. Disabling the copy of QObject is not done for nothing.

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