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Has ver 5.3 fixed problem for plug-ins because Qt Creator Source Code was compiled by VS rather than mingw?

  • Does anyone know if the problem causing some plug-ins not to load because the Qt Creator Source Code was compiled using Visual Studio, rather than the mingw compiler has been fixed? I'm new to Qt, but reading up a lot and watching tutorials on Youtube. I saw this question raised on Youtube, under:

    C++ Qt 61 - Compiling Qt Creator for making your own widgets (Tutorial 61 in the series)

    Thought I'd check before I try fixin' what ain't broke!


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    There's nothing specially broken here. The same Qt Creator is packaged with all version of the downloadable packages. That's what can be problematic if you want to build a plugin with e.g. MinGW since Creator was built with VS.

    But generally when you want to play with plugins, it's best to build Qt Creator yourself to ensure you are using the same Qt and compiler version.

  • Thanks for the quick reply, but being new to Qt, and even though I knew C, I'm kind of relearning C++ after years of non-use, your answer didn't really answer my question with a solution I could comprehend.

    If I'm on a Windows 7 based machine, do I need to compile QtCreator with mingw, or is the VS version I have now going to work the same?

    Thanks again!

  • Hi, Qt Creator is built using the MSVC 2010 32-bit compiler (you can see that if you do Help/About Qt Creator), so I think you should follow SGaist's advice and compile it with VS, you will encounter less surprises that way :-)

  • Already have QtCreator up & running. However, in video I mentioned,


    it says that QtCreator compiled with VS will not open a lot of Plug-In /Widget files that would otherwise open if QtCreator was compiled with Mingw compiler due to some kind of marks Mingw reads and VS does not on the Plug-In/Widget files.

    Guess I'll try contacting the guy in the video and see if he knows if ver. 5.3 has been changed, or if I should re-compile the Source File.

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    If you are using MinGW and want to use plugins built with MinGW, then build your own Qt Creator using that MinGW, then you'll be fine.

  • That's what I thought, but not sure where the various DLL files go in version 5.3, or is QtCreator source file still the older version as shown in the video I referenced?
    In looking at the video, it shows where to put various DLLs, after compiling source with Mingw, but they're different folder locations from the folder locations I have in 5.3.

    Not sure if I'm explaining that clearly!

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    This video shows an old version of Qt Creator, (2.0.1 currently 3.1.1)

    You are mixing Qt's sources and Qt Creator's source, these are not the same

  • Ok! I'll just stick with learning the Qt 5.3 version I downloaded and stick with that!


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    Don't mix the Qt Creator version and Qt version, they are separated things.

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