Problems to install Qt app on Symbian^3 PR1.1

  • Hi,

    I have a N8 with the latest firmware installed on it (PR1.1, 013.016). I have developed an app using the Nokia Qt SDK beta 1.1, and my app uses both QtQuick and Qt Mobility APIs.

    When I try to install the app in the device, I got the message "Unable to install. Qt version 4.07(2) or newer is required".

    Do I need to install any extra libraries in my N8? Or is there any smart installer I can use?


  • Installing qt.sis, qtwebkit.sis and qtmobility.sis solves the problem. The files are provided in the Qt SDK beta 1.1, the folder is C:\QtSDK\Symbian\sis\Symbian^3

  • I have a Qt application which works very well on symbian 3 device ie. E7 and C7.

    But the same application gets installed on C6 ie 5th edition mobile but nothing happens.

    When I try to install some time it says Unable to install Qt version Qt 4.07(3) or newer is required.

    Please help me by advising what to do?

    I have also tried by installing qt.sis, qtwebkit.sis and qtmobility.sis as you said .

    which should I chose Qt 4.6.3 0r Qt 4.7.3

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