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[Qt5.2] Linking treewidget to tablewidget, need advice on events to use

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to link signal and slot from a treewidget to tablewidget. I have a list of items in my treewidget let's say: Name, Address, Work. And I want to link the selection from treewidget to tablewidget. For example if i select Name from treewidget, the tablewidget will display columns such as FirstName, LastName. And if i select Address from treewidget, the tablewidget will populate StreetName, BlockNo, Postcode etc on the columns.

    When I tried to configure the connection from tree to table, let's say ItemClicked on treewidget, I did not see any event on tablewidget I could select to populate the columns I want.

    Can anyone advise on this?

  • Well as i know you can't do this just by signals and slots, you need write some extra code. Does your treewidget contains all information you need?

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