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How to set the proper version of QT for VS2010 when supporting multipule versions of QT

  • Hi all I have a setup where we use qt 4.7.4, qt 4.8.6 32 bit and 4.8.6 64 bit. I have added all three versions to Visual Studio 2010 and I can select each version as the default manually without issues. However when automating the build I use CMake to select the proper QT/VS version. However how do I set the proper default QT version in VS 2010 programmatically such that I can build the following one after another on the same machine: 32bit build with QT 4.7.4, 32 bit build with QT 4.8.6_WIN32, and finally a 64 bit build with QT 4.8.6_WIN64?

  • After a lot of digging I finally figured out that CMake is the utility that is doing the mocing of the files and setting up all the paths to everything. For Compiling and linking you do not need any QT plugin setup in VS2010.

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