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VS2012 + Qt Addin1.2.2 - Changes in Designer not recognised in VS

  • Hi there,
    I've got a problem with the Qt Addin (1.2.2) for VS2012 (using Qt 5.2.1).
    Whenever I add/change something in Qt Designer Window and save it, VS doesn't recognise it.
    I create a label 'label1' and save the window.
    Back in VS I try
    BUT label1 isn't shown in the dropdown menu. If I type it by hand, it is underlined in red and obviously VS won't help with the next pointer after label1->...
    The only thing that helps here is, with luck, restarting all of it, still it isn't guaranteed, that it's shown now.
    This happens with every object I add, no matter how much. I've also experienced, that when adding a new object, saving, restarting, the previous object, that wasn't shown aswell, was now recognised, but the latest still didn't.

    If I compile it immediately, it works perfectly fine, even though it is still underlined in VS. So the .ui file is fine, VS just doesn't care, if there were made changes, but compiles fine with the latest.--

    I would prefer Qt for itself, without VS, but unfortunately am bound by a project to use it that way.
    My knowledge in Qt and VS isn't that great, so I don't know, if I maybe just unchecked the wrong box or whatever.

    I'd appreciate any help, if anyone knows, how to solve that.


  • As far as I know the only way is to unload and reload the project

  • Thanks. Just tried it, but doesn't really work either. If I unload, reload and then restart VS it raises the probability, that it'll work next time. ^^

    I assume that this is a common problem, the way you wrote that?

  • Hi
    It is indeed a well known problem

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