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TypeError: Type error ?

  • Hello I've this problem, the code below generate the error in object but all data types are absolutly the same (int with int and string with string) no visible type conflict, any ideas?

    if(phoneCompositionNumber.number_inputted < phoneCompositionNumber.max_character_input){
    /Update string when character pressed/
    phoneCompositionNumber.string_textbox = phoneCompositionNumber.string_textbox.substring(0,phoneCompositionNumber.position_cursor) + toString(btnText) + phoneCompositionNumber.string_textbox.substring(phoneCompositionNumber.position_cursor, phoneCompositionNumber.string_textbox.length)
    /Update position cursor/
    /Update string display plus display pointer textbox/
    console.log(phoneCompositionNumber.string_textbox+" + "+phoneCompositionNumber.position_cursor)
    phoneCompositionNumber.textbox.text = phoneCompositionNumber.string_textbox
    phoneCompositionNumber.textbox.cursorPosition = phoneCompositionNumber.position_cursor
    phoneCompositionNumber.number_inputted ++

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    Can you tell what is the exact line no. where the error occurs ?
    It must have been printed in the console before Type Error. Some thing like this
    Test.qml:28: TypeError: Type error

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    Ok, Questions:

    1. What is position_cursor and number_inputted ?
    2. What are its Data Types ?
    3. How are they declared ?

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