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What is the correct term for this? Navigation tabs?

  • Dear Gurus,

    Before I can properly do a search, I need to ask this. What do you call this? Are they called "Navigation Tabs" in QT? Here's what I'm referring to https://www.flickr.com/photos/jokertan/14291278513/. I upload this picture in my Flickr account since I do not know how to upload a picture in this forum. Two examples that I'm interested.

    I'm blindly searching using general terms like "click next show more QTreeWidget", etc. This is not getting what I want.

    There's one particular post that I read that seems very close to what I am searching for.

    Seems like Proxy Model is part of the solution but I would prefer your kind help to steer me in the right direction by knowing whether "Navigation Tabs" are the word for it.

    Thank you~



  • Usually this is called paging but I've also seen it called "pagination". By this I mean just the concept of having your data distributed to different pages with some ability to navigate through these pages.

    I'm not sure what is the custom name for the actual buttons and I'm also not sure if there is a "common-practice" solution for actually creating these "page number" widgets based on your model's data.

  • Thanks Frank! Your suggestion had return more appropriate searches for me! Much appreciated.



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