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QWebView and cookies

  • Hi to the Qt community. I'm a journalist/writer by trade who loves to explore technology. I recently installed Qt on Debian 7.2 Wheezy when I wanted to create a GUI to administer a SHOUTcast server. I think I achieved 95 per cent of what I intended after a week-and-a-half of googling and searching these forums--I built a tabbed interface that uses QProcess to start and stop instances of the server; monitor the port and issue an alarm when it stops; edit the config file; view the log file, and save the settings which are the paths to the various files: server daemon, url and port, log, config, password. (An hours work for an experienced coder.)

    I added a WebView to open the server's password-protected Web admin where the front end is monitored for content being streamed, listeners and so on. This is the five per cent where I've failed as although I can log in using the credentials saved as mentioned above, when I attempt to navigate to other than the log-in screen I get a message "Unauthorized".

    I assume this may have to do with session cookies but I'm not sure; and the reading I've done about QNetworkCookies and looking at example code has left me stumped. I'm stumped because it seems that the simplest implementation of cookie management requires three times as much code as I've strung together for the other features of the app. Here's "a link":http://www.abengweb.com/downloads/shoutcast-service.tar.gz to the project on my hosted Web server.

    I'd apprecaite help in resolving the WebView issue and tidying up the sloppy amateur coding which may be resource intensisve. (Of course, you'll have to set the Make/build path in your environment.) To be able to view the Web interface, the SHOUTcast 2 server can be downloaded at http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=373139


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