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[SOLVED] My program crashes only when launched with QtCreator

  • hello,

    my old machine got really slow. I then reinstalled new os (win8.1) on a new ssd.

    after setting up Qt and everything, I noticed that my program will crash when launched with QtCreator. I didn't see this issue before. the crash happens before even calling into main().

    I down graded my QtCreator to that of Qt5.2, the same problem still happens.

    but if I directly run the built executable, everything is fine. only when I launch it with qtcreator, it crashes.

    I enabled c++ exception in cdb, but it doesn't capture anything.

    I don't know how to debug this. very weird problem.

    the only changing factor seems to be the harddrive and the os. before I used win8, now it's win8.1

    this doesn't happen with simple Qt examples. only my large project.

  • I kinda figure out the problem.
    everything worked after I moved dlls from one folder to another. let me explain the details:

    I selected "launch in console", and saw this error message:

    exited with code -1073741515

    this is an error of loading dlls.

    usually, a qt project directory structure looks like this:


    the executable is in /root/build-qtproject_4_8_6-debug/debug
    but the default working directory is /root/build-qtproject_4_8_6-debug

    I usually copy all the dlls inside /root/build-qtproject_4_8_6-debug, this worked for win7 and win8.

    but somehow on win8.1, I have to copy dlls inside /root/build-qtproject_4_8_6-debug/debug, even in qt creator, the working dir is set to /root/build-qtproject_4_8_6-debug

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    I'm glad you've found a solution. Thank you for sharing! :)

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