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QRegularExpression need help with patern

  • Hello all,

    I just can't get it right.. maybe someone can help me with it?

    I have QByteArray with list of elements in it and looks like that:

    <!--story_23015_start--> test test 234 2tsdtsdf sf sdfds <!--story_23015_end-->
    <!--story_2301275_start--> tsdtsdf sf sdfds <!--story_2301275_end-->

    how can I extract numbers between "<!--story_" & "_start-->" and text in the midle from each item using QRegularExpression?

    I will really appreciate your help!

  • The following pattern works (RegExp Example)


  • Thank you very much mcosta

    The problem is: items are not one per line and they can have text or any chars at the beginning or at the end. Like:
    asdmpowq d34 23 <!--story_23015_start--> test test 234 2tsdtsdf sf sdfds <!--story_23015_end--> html tags etc
    <!--story_2301275_start--> tsdtsdf sf sdfds <!--story_2301275_end-->

    I have tried this way, but I just whole items as one item and not the list.

    QRegExp rx("(.+)<!--story_(\d+)_start-->(.+)<!--story.+-->(.+)");
    int pos = 0;
    while((pos = rx.indexIn(data,pos)) != -1)
    qDebug() << rx.cap(2) << pos;
    pos += rx.matchedLength();

  • Hi,

    you could try to do this:

    • remove all newline
    • extract the signle tag
    • applu the regular expression

  • Hi,

    You can use an expression as follow:


    But I am not sure that the positive lookahead (?=) works on QRegExp, it should work according to the docs.

    According to the docs the .(dot) should match newlines.

    Hint: I normally use the following website to test my regular expressions, it works quite well:

  • Another interesting option is (sorry just escape for usage):


    This can be used to make sure that the story number matches in the start and end using a "backreference": to the number captured in the start.

    The [\s\S] is used if the .(dot) does not match a new line.

    If you don't want to capture the number in the end tag you can use the (?:\1) tag to make a non-capturing group for that number.

    Hope this helps a bit

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