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Qt for windows mobile 6.5 professional

  • Hi,

    I'm a newbie in Qt. I have followed "This Tutorial...":https://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.7/install-wince.html#id-45473916-5d90-4673-9d34-cf0658fdaf83 for compiling Qt obviously changing win32-msvc2005 wincewm50pocket-msvc2005 to win32-msvc2008 and wincewm65pocket-msvc2008. Everything has compiled succesfully but I don't understand whats next.

    In "This tutorial":https://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.7/wince-with-qt-introduction.html#id-a9cc0c34-14bd-4859-a2ff-4cf405311c8d it says that if you have already a .pro file you can compile and port it to visual studio, however I do not have any .pro file yet. The question is Did I have to use Qt creator to generate a proyect for windows desktop and then use this .pro for windows mobile 6.5?

    Another question is Can I use qtcreator for building User interface and then add some unmanaged c++ code for logic?

    I'll really apreciate any help

  • The .pro file is a simple text file with qmake instructions.
    You can write with any text editor you want. You are not forced to use Qt Creator.
    Search on the documentation a simple example that you want to replicate, look at the .pro file and create one for your project.

    Alternative, of course, you can use Qt Creator.
    Qt Creator has to be configured for creating the project for windows mobile 6.5. For doing so, you need to set into Qt Creator settings the Qt version that you compiled for windows mobile 6.5 and the Qt Kit for build and run projects on windows mobile 6.5
    (it's not really easy to proper configure Qt Creator because for filling all required settings you should know how the building and deploying works)

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