Linking library1 to library2 prevents library2 from loading into QtDesigner

  • I have 2 widget libraries. Each library contains about 4 or 5 custom widgets.


    Individually, these libraries load just fine into QtDesigner and I can use my widgets as expected.

    But, one of my widgets inside Library2.dll requires a widget from Library1.dll. So I add Library1.dll as a dependency.

    Now Library2.dll does not load into QtDesigner. Says it cannot find the procedure point.

    Code example:
    // library2/tableWidget.cpp
    #include <library1/cbWidget.h>

    void tableWidget::addTableRow()
    const auto newRow = this->rowCount();

     this->setCellWidget(newRow, Column::ComboBox, new cbWidget(this)));


    Note: I change nothing in my header files or my custom interface collection files. I just include my dependency and use it in one line of code. Doing so prevent QtDesigner from loading Library2.dll

    Any suggestions?

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