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Qt Jambi: Java bindings for Qt

  • We are currently in desperate need of developers, 4.7 support isn’t well even begun(¹) nad Qt 4.7 seems to near its release soon...

    So, I’d like to ask, in behalf of the tiny community: everyone(this means you :) ), who is interested in "Qt Jambi":http://qtjambi.sf.net should contact to either Helge or me and help us over this little problem, continue working with us toward better Jambi in future and help with all kind of different bugs...

    Getting Jambi ready for Qt 4.7 is naturally most important for now, but currently we have no-one with Mac OS X, so we haven’t been able to produce binaries for this platform nor do any testing with newest features there, so few enthusiastic Mac OS X developers would be very very appreciated.

    Some other important things to do are documentation(this includes writing it, mostly...), either moving stuff out from Gitorious wiki to the community site and improve it, or just improve it... Current build instructions doesn’t really tell anything but few commands that helps you after you know what you need to do. Someone at IRC to talk with me how different things should be designed, what we should do next and whatnot(for this one should be able to understand structure of the Jambi, hopefully better than me).

    The most important note: You don’t need to be skilled Java developer nor skilled Cpp developer, as we have very variable amount of work that have to be done. You don’t even need to be skilled with Jambi; I don’t expect anyone to get task assigned to her done by tomorrow. In other words, I’ll try my hardest not to bite new developers. I’m not that good with that, so please beware, and don’t be mad to me...

    Now you got interested in and will contact to "Helge":http://gitorious.org/~helge or me, right? I’d prefer contact through IRC (Freenode is good server, I’m there with nick Smar, or just drop by to our silent channel #qtjambi)

    If you still have some questions, don’t hesitate but ask!

    ¹ I have done some experimenting with both Java 1.7 and Qt 4.7, with former one it works some of the time, and some crashes, most likely due bugs in Java 1.7, in random factor. With Qt 4.7 I can’t even get Jambi compiled, so more work is needed starting from that. I plan continuing this, but my time is well limited currently...

  • hi, any win32/linux tasks that people can pitch in for ?

  • [quote author="chetankjain" date="1280729376"]hi, any win32/linux tasks that people can pitch in for ?[/quote]

    Thank you for your interest of Jambi.

    Surely there are. Like, this 4.7 port.

    Seriously speaking, there are even in 4.6 port so many untested features and bugs no-one has yet to fix, there is no way someone can't get something to do...

    For Windows and Linux people, compiling Jambi from 4.6 git repository could be good starting point from anything else. This applies Mac people too, but there I can't help you to get Jambi built.

    If you have anything in mind, please say so. I know current community build instructions are bad, but fixing them seems to get time... This would be very easy task for new developer, though!

  • If we are beginning on a production application within the month for a spring release, is Jambi too underdeveloped to use?

  • [quote author="kyleplattner" date="1294416753"]If we are beginning on a production application within the month for a spring release, is Jambi too underdeveloped to use?[/quote]

    TL;DR: yes, we need more developers.

    Depends. Stuff like QML won’t arrive for a while until someone picks it up, some other modules (qtscript, which is going to be removed from 4.7 ... after I remember to do it correctly) has not been tested properly.

    Basic functionality should work perfectly and I think we can fix bugs if properly reported quite fast too. I’ve been delaying 4.7 release just to get it API perfect for basic API and some annoying bugs fixed. So from now on, we’ll do proper releases too... 4.6 builds have always been a bit of beta builds, but I’m doing my best not to allow people to do random builds anymore, but do it in structured manner.

    If you read this far away, you most likely don’t just expect it to work as well as Qt works currently; in its current state I can’t promise that much from it. So go for it, and talk to us if there is something you need / wonder about. (yes we don’t have any end user docs. The team is going to write them(or so I’ve been promised to), but anyone can contribute those to us, and please do it.)

  • May I ask that what is the status of the Jambi now?...
    What is the schedule for Qt4.7 and Qt4.8?...

  • I must say that I’m sorry for no new releases since last beta. But since then we have actually had quite active development, so we’ll near (hopefully) final beta this year and RC at start of next year.

    You can see activity log here: http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-jambi

    Not exactly empty, isn’t it? :)

    I’ve been working for new website to collect all Jambi related information under same hood. This should be released soon too.

    4.8 basically already compiles, but new features aren’t still polished. With current development rate it should arrive shortly after 4.7 release, atleast I hope we can make it so :)

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