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Qt 5.3 breaks backwards compatibility with 5.2.1 QtQuick applications

  • So I just tried the new Qt 5.3 with the new Qt Creator 3.1 and I can only see a mess:

    • New errors appear, like: "QML Rectangle: Cannot anchor to an item that isn't a parent or sibling." Which links to a Rectangle that doesnt even have an anchor and also worked perfectly with Qt 5.2.1
    • The size of fonts is messed up. With the same font.pixelsize value they are bigger than before, breaking layouts.
    • Qt.createComponent() / component.createObject(parent) doesnt work anymore (although the qml for the component works flawlessly with a Loader)

    So, I hope for a bugfix release soon :(

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    This forum is not the best place for bug reporting. You should go to the "bug report system": and see if it's something known. If not please open a new report providing a minimal compilable example that shows the problem

  • K, thx.

  • Hi DerMas,

    I have some idea for component.createObject() function in 5.3.
    I also used this function in 5.2.1 and child's size was depend on it's parent's size.
    It works fine in 5.2.1. and don't work in 5.3.
    I get log for parent item for it's Component.onCompleted and onWidthChanged.

    In 5.2.1 the order of calls was
    but in 5.3 it was

    So, the order of calls is opposite and it need to pay attention and made some changes on code.
    Hope my answer was helpfull.

  • Thanks @dimyan :-)

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