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QtMobility package installation on windows

  • Hi,

    I installed Qtmobility package and followed the installation guide as specified in nokia forum. But still i am getting compilation errors. Can you please give the correct instructions.

  • Can you provide more info about this errors? Without this info it will be really hard for someone to help you.

  • Hi

    I installed nokia qt sdk and downloaded qt mobility package from the net. After that i created folder c:\qtmobility and inside i extraced files. After that When I am trying give the command configure -preifx \libraries\ , i am getting error nmake and ming32-make not found. Is any other way to install qtmobility. I am not able to install qt mobility package since 10 days. Can you pls give the correct instructions for installing qtmobility package on windows xp.

  • Looks like you don't have path to mingw in your env. Add to PATH variable path FOLDER_WITH_NOKIA_QT_SDK\mingw\bin and I think it will help you.

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