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Building Qt for static linking on Windows. Quick and Qml are missing? How to link plugins statically?

  • Hello,

    I'm having a few problems trying to get Qt to statically link the libraries. I've searched the internet and the forum for the past days, but couldn't find a solution that worked. Maybe there is a problem in the way I am building it and I hope someone can help me out.

    I have downloaded the qt-everywhere-opensource-src- package and unzipped it to C:\Qt\QtStatic\

    Since I have Qt Creator 5.2.1 installed already, I've set the PATH variable to point to C:\Qt\Qt5.2.1\Tools\mingw48_32\bin for mingw32-make

    I open the command windows and navigate to C:\Qt\QtStatic\

    From there I run configure.bat with the following options:
    configure -static -platform win32-g++ -opengl desktop -nomake examples -nomake tests -opensource

    After that:

    When that's done:
    mingw32-make install

    Now I start up the Qt Creator and open the "Qt Quick Controls - Gallery" example.
    I then go to Projects and create a Kit that's linking to the qmake located in the static build I made above.

    I then notice that it already gives me a warning saying: qmlscene is not installed, no qmlviewer installed.

    I select the new kit to be the current setting for compilation and try to build the application and then get the following error in build problems:
    Unknown module(s) in QT: quick qml


    Now my question is, how can I get the project to find those? Do I need to build the library again with other settings? Do I add quick and qml elsewhere?

  • It seems to work now. Here's what I did:

    I now added a reference to Python to the PATH-variable and recompiled the whole thing with added configure options:

    configure -static -platform win32-g++ -opengl desktop -nomake examples -nomake tests -opensource -debug-and-release -developer-builld

    Then I only used mingw32-make
    No need for mingw32-make install

    Static linking seems to work now, apart from the plugins.
    I haven't found out how to tell the project to also put stuff like platforms/qwindows.dll and the QtQuick and QtQuick.2 folder into the executable as well.

    So right now the application folder still looks like this:
    QtQuick/..(a lot of stuff)
    QtQuick.2/..(a lot of stuff)

  • I have the same problem with plugins.

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